Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss??

Pondering how and why we make a decision to do something is complex. Recently, we found insight into this query from an unlikely place: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  This beloved children’s book is timeless as it teaches basic words with an amusing story and illustrations.  Green Eggs and Ham may literally assist the exacerbated parent (guilty) motivate their child to try new foods.

Could the story be an example of the purchasing process.  The emotional event we call buying or selling.  We have these events all the time; be it a new pair of shoes, a car, or perhaps most importantly- our home.

The ‘dance’ between Sam I Am and The Cat is entertaining to us outsiders.  But for the two involved it is anything but. It is Emotional.  Exacerbating. Uncertain.

By our count, Sam asks or suggest the Cat to try his Green Eggs and Ham 21 times.  The Cat denies his offers 72 times!

He simply doesn’t want those eggs!  Nothing is changing his mind.  He most likely, if he is like me, doesn’t want to make a mistake, or what if the worst happens (like the green stains his teeth!).  No is a safe and easy answer.

But as the story shows, through Sam I Am’s persistence, Cat in The Hat finally decides to try this new food (albeit to get Sam to leave him alone!).  In the end, Cat is thankful.  More than for Sam’s persistence, we imagine, but for his own willingness to try something new.  He extended beyond his own set comfort zone, and isn’t that where life begins for most of us!

Morale of the story to us is to be a good adviser, like Sam I Am, and assist our clients expand their world!   Could the story be an example of the purchasing process?


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