3 Easy Tricks to help save money while staying warm this winter…

Winter means longer nights, sweater weather, possible snow, and increased energy bills.  Longer nights mean we turn lights on sooner in the day.

And colder weather results in turning up the heat in our home.



  • When you leave home, lower your temperature below 68 degrees for energy savings.  60 degrees or below will save at least 5% on your energy bill.
  • When at home, leave the temperature at 68 degrees and throw on that sweater!
  • Windows leak… up to 25% heat is lost through gaps and cracks.  Caulk or apply insulation tape around gaps and cracks in your windows.
  • Also, when you leave home and at night, pull down curtains and blinds to help slow air leakage.
Heating System
  • If you can’t remember what color your filter should be, it is white! Filters should be changed out no less than every 3 months. Cleaning or replacing
  • every month can reduce energy consumption by 5-15%.
When you consider that space heating accounts for 45% of the energy bill, using these 3 tricks will make a big difference in raising the heat and not your heat bill!
Sources: PG&E, Energy.gov

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